Hein Koh

most recent work

small sculptures



b. Jersey City, NJ
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

2004 Yale University School of Art, New Haven, CT
M.F.A. in Painting/Printmaking
1998 Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH  
B.A. in Studio Art, Concentration in Painting
B.A. in Psychology
2018 Marvin Gardens, Ridgewood, NY (forthcoming)
2017 Joy and Pain, Platform Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2016 Hein Koh and Fredman Barahona, Beverly's, New York, NY

Holding Tight (forthcoming), curated by Mark Joshua Epstein, Woskob Family Gallery, Penn State University, University Park, PA
#FFFFFFIGURATION, curated by Jonathan Chapline, Nevven Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden
The Giving Body, curated by Elisa Soliven, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY


Sitting Still, BravinLee Programs, New York, NY
Press One For Show, curated by Robert Otto Epstein, Lorimoto Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Drawer, curated by Corydon Cowonsage, Deli Gallery, Long Island City, NY
Vive Benefit, curated by Anna Ortiz and Rachel Phillips, Honey Ramka, Brooklyn, NY
The Cactus Show, curated by Dan Gratz and Letha Wilson, 1124 County Route 27, Craryville, NY
A Step By Step Guide to Using Humor as a Coping Mechanism, curated by Brooke Wise, Public Arts, New York, NY
One Night Stand, curated by Ryan Michael Ford and Brigitte Mulholland, W Hotel, New York, NY
Underdonk Selects: 2017 Benefit Auction, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
All My Life, curated by Jonathan Dedecker, YUI Gallery, New York, NY
Fantastic Plastic, curated by Jaqueline Cedar, Crush Curatorial, New York, NY
Dogs, curated by Oliver Clegg and Austin Lee, Raymond Duck (173 Green St), Brooklyn, NY
BAM Presents:  The Alan Gala, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Peter Jay Sharp Building, Brooklyn, NY
No Vacancy II, curated by Alt Esc, Squat Gallery (929 Broadway), Brooklyn, NY
The Pursuit of It, curated by Nicole Grammatico and Christina Papanicolaou, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY
The Human Form, curated by Michael Holden and Peter Schenck, Park Place Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
NURTUREart Benefit, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY
Successive Excessive, curated by Chris Bors and Fred Fleisher, The Parlour Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 
Nasty Women, organized by Jessamyn Fiore and Roxanne Jackson, The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY 

2016 Habitat For Appetite:  Emre Kocagil, Hein Koh, Amanda Martinez, Selena Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Impossible Possible, curated by Jay Davis, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Brooklyn Infusion Center Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Room With A View, Eddy’s Room, Brooklyn, NY
VERBLIST, curated by Mark Joshua Epstein, E.Tay Gallery, New York, NY
LIFEFORCE, curated by Kelsey and Remy Bennett, The Untitled Space, New York, NY
Bomb Pop-Up Show, curated by Drea Cofield, 1822 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY
Or Bust, Honey Ramka, Brooklyn, NY
Repeat Pressure Until, curated by Sheilah Wilson, Ortega Y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY; traveling to Angela Melica Gallery, Columbus, Ohio in fall of 2017
Onion By The Ocean, curated by Essye Klempner and Elisa Soliven, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
Equinox, curated by Sharona Eliassaf and Emily Weiner, The Willows, Brooklyn, NY
Bodies, curated by Ilse Murdock, Perimeter Gallery, Belfast, Maine
LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN Valentine Exhibition, Dieu Donne, New York, NY
2015 Ortega 100:  OyG’s First Ever Benefit Party, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY
12 x 12 x 12, Black Ball Projects, Brooklyn, NY
NURTUREart Benefit, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Paul Klee, curated by Ashley Garrett and JJ Manford, Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY
Visiting Faculty Exhibition, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Color Against Color, curated by Eric Hibit, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY
Weaving Time:  An Exhibition from The Archive of Korean Artists in America, Part 3, 2001 – 2013, organized by the AHL Foundation and Korean Cultural Service of NY, Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY, New York, NY (catalogue)
Seducers, curated by Evie Falci, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn
2014   The New Bitch, curated by Michele Basora, Gitana Rosa Gallery, New York, NY
Summer Exhibition 2014, Munch Gallery, New York, NY
No Laughing Psychedelic Matter, curated by Alexa Mendez, Greenwich House Music School, New York, NY
Shrink It, Pink It, curated by Diana Buckley and Irena Jurek, Cathouse FUNeral, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Location, Location, Location:  An Exhibition Trilogy Curated by President ClintonProjects, Location One:  A Residential Apartment in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY
What Is In Our Blood and What Comes From Experience?, curated by Jong Il Ma, Gallery Korea of the Korean Cultural Service NY, New York, NY (catalogue)
Digital Dye Hard, organized by Leeza Meksin, Ortega y Gasset Projects, Queens, NY
No Kineme Stands Alone, curated by Fran Holstrom and Saira McLaren, 106 Green, Brooklyn, NY
Hello Nasty, curated by Chris Bors, Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, NY
2012 Invitational Dartmouth Alumni Exhibition, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
If You Think I’m Sexy, curated by Diana Buckley and Irena Jurek, Chashama 461 Gallery, New York, NY
First Contact, curated by Jacob Rhodes, Field Projects Gallery, New York, NY
I Choo Choo Choose You, Wayfarers Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Bronx Calling, The 1st AIM Biennial, curated by Wayne Northcross and Jose Ruiz, The Bronx Museum of the Arts and Wave Hill, Bronx, New York (catalogue)
Try 2 Art Show and Auction, curated by Jacob Rhodes, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY
:), curated by Fran Holstrom and Carolyn Salas, Casita Maria Center for the Arts andEducation, Bronx, NY
2010 GLAAD OUTauction, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY
Fragments, curated by Meenakshi Thirukode, Parlour No. 17, Staten Island, NY
Irrelevant:  Local Emerging Asian Artists Who Don’t Make Work About Being Asian, curated by Joann Kim and Lesley Sheng, Arario Gallery, New York, NY
Urban Shaman, curated by Julie Kirkpatrick, Fun Times Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Lucullan Feast, curated by Andrea Hill, Gallery MC, New York, NY
Joint Benefit for Swoon and Honey Space, The Honey Space, New York, NY
Life Goes On, curated by Colleen Asper and Ted Mineo, Parlour No. 5, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan (catalogue)
Grandma, curated by Ann Toebbe, Aftermodern Gallery, San Francisco, CA; traveled to Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY
2004 Junto, curated by Brendan Greaves, William Pym, and Jina Valentine,Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Laying Doggo, curated by Ann Toebbe,Brooklyn Fire Proof, Brooklyn, NY
MFA Thesis Exhibition,Yale University School of Art Gallery, New Haven, CT
2017 Julie Tuyet Curtiss:  Reflections, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY
2012 Sunday Paintings for a Rainy Day, Field Projects Gallery, New York, NY
2017 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Grant Nominee
2011 Artists in the Marketplace, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY
2006 Artists and Communities Grant, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation
2004 Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize, Yale University School of Art
1998 Wolfenden Fine Arts Prize, Dartmouth College
2014 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, Guest Lecturer
2013-2014 Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, Lecturer, Studio Art Department, Sculpture
2013 Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, Outside Evaluator, Studio Art Department
2010 Maryland Institute College of Art, Visiting Artist, Young Artist Lecture Series
2009 Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, Visiting Artist, Alumni Lecture Series
2006-2011 The Creative Center, New York, NY, Artist-in-Residence at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Oncology Unit
2005-2010 92nd Street Y, Art Center, New York, NY, Instructor
2005 Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Elkins Park, PA, Adjunct Professor

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